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Sharon Cusack owner of Doctress of Detox wearing a pink dress on a yellow backround
Sharon Cusack


I’ve had this vision to guide others to live a life of vibrancy, free of pain and suffering, I’m living my passion and purpose on this global march of self-empowerment. With over 40 years of experience as a Natural Health Practitioner, Author, and Entrepreneur, I can now take my journey and share it with you. 
As I have walked this path of my own personal journey, shedding layers of entrapped habits and patterns, I recognize the struggles that face many Practitioners moving forward. My goal is to blend my love for helping others to heal, coupled with my decades of experience in marketing to guide you to be the best you can be! The Doctress of Detox was born from the love of service to others. I’m here to inspire you to be the best Natural Health Practitioner you can be, for your family, your community, and most of all for you. It’s time to thrive. 

Jason Varga wearing a collared grey shirt on a yellow background
Jason Varga


Sustaining debilitating injuries in my adolescence had me in the labyrinth of Western medicine. Surgery, pharmaceuticals, and “specialists” led me to hit rock bottom, releasing that the medical system was a business, and guiding me on a path of self-education.

Slowly, I began to connect the dots by learning ancient modalities; the body has the amazing capability of self-healing when in the right environment. There has never been a more urgent time in history for the need for self-healing. The majority have put their health in the hands of others when the truth is we need to take our power back and heal ourselves.

For the last decade, I have dedicated myself to diversifying my knowledge in the natural health field and creating protocols and training to empower individuals, professionals, and students to take their power back. Our bodies are complex, not complicated. Living in constant suffering is a thing of the past; it's time we dive into our ancient roots and acknowledge we are powerful beings who have unlimited potential. 

Image of Kinga Mroz web developer at Sprout Your Practice smiling at the camera wearing a black blazer on a yellow background
Kinga Mroz

practitioner helper

Just like you, my journey started with taking better care of myself using a holistic approach. At various courses, I met many practitioners that struggled with their practice as they were sold the idea that, "opening a practice is so easy! You just need a website".

After empowering practitioners to create successful websites, structure their businesses for profit & copywriting, Sprout Your Practice was born.

My goal is to help natural health practitioners - like YOU - sprout a thriving practice through website funnels.